Lake Eyre Yacht Club

True!  Marree has a yacht club.  And it’s serious business with an annual regatta and a wealth of information about the Lake – especially when it comes to bird life and water.

Bob Backway is the Commodore. Never one to shy from controversy involving the contentious issue of ‘sailing on Lake Eyre’ which has given Bob a label of ‘infamousy’ yet he has to be credited for putting his beloved Yacht Club on the map, so to speak. If he’s not getting the headlines in the media, he’s building a reputation as a source of information about Lake Eyre. Certainly worth getting involved – lot’s of fun.  So visit the Lake Eyre Yacht Club website   Join the Club and come sailing! 


  • When:  3-8 April 2016
  • Where:  Cowarie Station
  • Contact: Bob or Doreen Backway at the Marree Yacht Club